Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Pictures Home 600 billion USD Zanjani in Street Angel Tehran

Babak Zanjani House actual price is 600 billion. Photos of the interior decor Babak Zanjani located on the street Fereshteh in Tehran actual price is 600 billion Toman.Babak Zanjani said he has more than 70 companies, including holding company Sorinet Island development, “First Islamic Investment Bank” (in English: First Islamic Investment Bank) in Malaysia, Anwar shareholder airline of Turkey, financial institutions and bank credit in the UAE Tajikistan’s value. He also companies in Dubai, Turkey and Tajikistan. In one of the Europe Union sanctions resolutions, which he named the 15 companies named are assigned to him. Babak Zanjani in an interview with Iranian Students News Agency, ISNA said he has 64 domestic and foreign companies and “is now in Iran and other countries in the world with 17 thousand employees engaged in providing trade and services.” Babak Zanjani also the owner and chairman of football club railways. On 14 December 1392 in an interview with Ali Parvin said it is willing to give 200 million dollars in cash to the owner Persepolis. He is also Chairman of the Board Qeshm Airlines.