Saturday, 21 November 2015

Unseen photos of neighborhood or city Jamshid new old brothel in southern Tehran

Shahr-e No was the red light district located in Gomrok town of Tehran, Iran. It employed about 1,500 women.After the Iranian revolution in 1979, in 1980 the government demolished the red light district. Hooman Majd, author of The Ayatollah Begs to Differ, said that the Iranian government did this for Islamic reasons and to demonstrate the government’s authority. The area was flattened and converted into a park. The women of Shahr-e No are featured in the photographic series The Citadel by Kaveh Golestan.,,,,Burning “Shahr-e No” and kill pr0stitutes,,,,,Press Information February I wrote about five in the afternoon around the “Shahr-e No,” which was once called “Castle of Silence” and women as “residents sorrow” they said, people gathered gradually. For a long time after that huddle was accompanied by protests.The military government officials urged people to disperse, and after a while they were shooting in the air. The officers have again gathered numerous people around the neighborhood pr0stitutes was established.Around six o’clock in the afternoon, several young people in the “castle” and then attacked the crowd to follow them to the streets of the “Castle” cast. At this time, with vehicles that was prepared in advance, houses and shops inside the “castle” was set on fire.Attacked a group of women living in the neighborhood, but others in the process of bringing the demonstrators to prevent damage to the inhabitants of the “castle” was. Several eyewitnesses said the number of workers injured and two or three people have been killed in these incidents.The “Shahr-e No” was set on fire. Fire’s “sad neighborhood” was burning and ashes. Firemen who followed his previous statement also declared solidarity with the people of the fires that people will not, will not, attempt to put out the fires if they did not.Lons Insurrance Mortgage Attomey Software Recovery Credit Lawer Donate Degree Hosting Claim Conference Call Trading Tranfer Gas/Electricity Classes Rehab Treatment Cord insurance price quotes,ca automobile insurance,buy car insurance online, life insurance comparison quotes.